The London Group

Your Strategic Media Communications Solution

The London Group is ready to serve your Film, Video, Media, Strategic Communications and Messaging requirements from concept to completion. Our Client List is global and includes Fortune 500/NYSE corporations, national broadcasting networks, heads of state, government agencies, advertising and public relations firms. Whether your project is for a national public broadcast, a private video event or a television commercial campaign - let us show you how to make your next project our best project yet.

Its all about messaging - and that is what we do!

The London Group while on the surface appearing to be a television and film production company is in fact much, much more. When GTE wanted to begin using corporate video in-house, they turned to us. The result was a system of production and editing facilities that are now a nationwide network and in some cases, have even become revenue centers for the corporation. When American Airlines and Sheraton Hotels of Hawaii wanted to build a cohesive marketing program aimed at wholesalers within the Travel Industry, it was our firm that designed, created and produced marketing films, television spots and collateral materials for international distribution. And, this unique project was in large part underwritten with barter which included the largest network media purchase in network television. Ever watch CNN's Airport Network?

In the early 1980's we created, built and installed a Financial Network, called LobbyVision, for the Bank of Hawaii that was in 12 of their branches and regularly showcased new products, services and corporate philosophy in a series of infomercials which were the first of their kind. Factor in dozens of national broadcast television programs, short subjects and documentary films, educational series, music videos, live sporting events and concerts and you can see that whatever your needs are, as they relate to media communications The London Group offers the right combination of elements to augment your existing team.

In the 1990's, we left the world of broadcasting and moved into International Development working with USAID, the World Bank, various NGO's and other government agencies. Branching off into Defense Agency work was a natural transition because it required a compendium of everything from advertising and marketing to film making and PR, not to mention presentation skills and "story telling". This tangent enable The London Group to expand its system of delivery and its unique product line. Leveraging a private sector sensibility, the international donor community became the recipient of advanced, enlightened and complementary outreach efforts that have continue to resonate within the target audience selected.

Marketing communications, advertising, media purchase, campaign strategy, Internet Video & Audio Streaming, point-of-sale techniques, staffing, training, media and press relations, sale of broadcast rights, commercials, dramatic specials, sporting events, music videos, infomercials, Spanish language/bi-lingual production abilities, public awareness, more than a 1000 network, international and corporate productions.

All of the above or a select meld of some of these examples are available to you when you work with The London Group.

Our Philosophy

At The London Group we believe that the client's needs will always dictate the direction that the project will take as it is being designed and created. Special effects for special effects sake are not important. Rather, it is the message that represents the direction that a project will follow... the client's needs and the client's venue must exert an influence on our creative team in their design of a production. Whether a traditional video or film production or an interactive Video & Audio streaming event with a truly international audience.... What you need; what you require for success; what you want to achieve will become our goal.

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