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"Listening to the client, understanding what they require and then finding the appropriate target audience - that's just half the mission. Then the message has to be created to fit each niche, resonate with responsibility and affect the attention triggers of those you wish to reach. Only then, can you have a complete message campaign - and begin to inspect the results for constant tinkering and tweaking - all aimed at positive and cost effective ROI."

Bill Canter

Bill Canter is committed to help you identify and reach your business goals. He will personally study the best products the media industry has to offer and tailor the perfect plan for you.  His ability to understand, design, create and deliver has been proven throughout the world to clients in both the private sector and internationally.  Much, much more than media . . .

International Consulting and Development

Working in emerging economies and developing democracies as a Chief of Party/Program Manager, Bill has delivered project services in the spheres of Democracy & Governance and Economic Growth for USAID and the Departments of Defense, Justice and DHS, including work in active conflict zones. Work has been performed in the former Soviet Union, South and Southeast Asia, the LAC region, Afghanistan and in Europe.


Four time EMMY and Peabody Award winning Cameraman with 25+ years of Network Credits. Sit-coms, Dramatic & Entertainment Specials, Episodic Television (film), Sports and Feature (EFP) stories.

Production Credits Include...
60 Minutes, Entertainment Tonight, Nightline, Dateline, Good Morning America, The Academy Awards, MAGNUM PI, 1984-88-92-96 Olympic Games, Monday Night Football, NBC Golf, The Today Show, Barney Miller, General Hospital and The MLB World Series
Strategic Media Communications is a style that I created to serve the widest base of client needs. Harness the impact of mass media with control and finesse; and then tailor the message that you created for the client to ride the swell of interest created through the synergies of media outreach and controlled promotion, under personal management.
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